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About Miraclean

  SonicCell® Cube  
  A small-footprint, high-cleanliness performance machine for intermediate clean of parts with blind holes or complicated geometries  

  • full enclosure
  • automated touch screen operation
  • single point load and unload
  • multiple mechanical actions: powerful ultrasonics loosen contaminants and vertical agitation and spray-on-exit release them, filtration and sparging trap contaminants away from clean parts
  • hot rinse with agitation and air blow off
  • 50# load capacity
  • available rotation
  • low water volume
  • excellent particle count results
  Available sizes:  
 Model  Work Area
 Cube 1420  14"DOT X 20"FB X 14"D
 Custom  Various
automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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