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About Miraclean


Now available in three standard sizes and custom sizes and configurations


  • Small footprint

  • Work area #1: 8.75" X 8.75" X 8"

  • Work area #2: 12" x 12" X 10"

  • Work area #3: 16" X 20" X 12"

  • Custom sizes


All SonicCells® offer:

Big machine features 

Mobility (on casters)

Automation (one program or three)

Ultrasonic parts cleaning (plus two rinses and recirculating hot air dry)

Perfect for R&D and cellular applications, including

  • medical
  • jewelry
  • electronics
  • high purity
  • automotive
  • aerospace

Ask about other, custom sizes and configurations


Use anywhere where reliable, repeatable parts-cleaning is a high priority

Programmed to your process specifications—or let us supply process development for you

Also available in passivation and fpi versions

automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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