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About Miraclean


Parts Washers

            ultrasonic parts washer with agitation  
Designed as a small footprint workhorse, the Miraclean® Parts Washer combines industrial strength agitation and solid-state ultrasonics to deliver clean parts for a range of industries from medical devices to rebuilders. The Miraclean® Parts Washer features an operator-friendly NEMA control panel, easy access components, and an efficient filter/sparger (surface skimmer) loop to trap soils and contaminants away from clean parts. Miraclean® offers free test cleaning of parts to determine process recommendations, and as a division of Chautauqua Chemicals Co., Inc., supplies a wide selection of cleaners to meet particular cleaning challenges including the removal of buffing and lapping compounds and oils and greases.

Parts Washer Models




Work Area 


Ultrasonic Output 

  #2016   20"DOT X 16"FB X 14" platform working depth, approx.   2000 watts, 25 or 40 kHz  
  #3020   30"DOT X 20"FB X 18" platform working depth, approx.   3000 watts, 25 or 40 kHz  
  #3626   36"DOT X 26"FB X 18" platform working depth, approx.   4000 watts, 25 or 40 kHz  
  #4242   42"DOT X 42"FB X 18" platform working depth, approx.   5000 watts, 25 or 40 kHz  
  Various   Custom Sizes Also Available   Various  
automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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