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Automated Hoists

automated hoists

Miraclean programmable hoists are available two ways: as part of Miraclean systems or as separate items purchased to automate existing cleaning, passivating, and plating lines. Miraclean automated hoists provide automatic batch transfer of workloads on an intermittent or continuous basis up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servo driven and PLC controlled via a user-friendly color touch screen, the 100, 200, and 350-pound capacity hoists can be fully operational on the floor only a few days after installation is initiated. In addition to standard batch transfer, options allow for various manipulations of workloads including automatic re-orientation (such as tipping and turning) of the work and tight control for withdrawal-speed critical applications. An included modem allows for direct communication with Miraclean technical support should the need ever arise. 

automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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