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About Miraclean

  Medical Device and Implant Cleaning
  Miraclean® specializes in the design and construction of  

for medical devices and implants.

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  Available Performance Features Include:
  • heavy duty immersible ultrasonic transducers
  • ultrasonic power control
  • ultrasonic output monitor
  • process specific ultrasonic frequencies and multi-frequency generators
  • four sided weirs
  • vertical, mechanical agitation 
  • air agitation
  • spray under immersion
  • rotation
  • oscillating spray
  • spray on exit
  • automatic and/or manual drain and fill cycles   
  • instant hot water heaters
  • level control
  • automatic chemistry control
  • surface skimming and oil separation
  • single and multiple filtration
  • ultrafiltration
  • counter-flow (cascade) rinses
  • rinse quality control and monitoring
  • air knives
  • recirculating hot air dryers with HEPA filters and over-temperature control
  • feed and exit conveyors
  • system enclosures 
  • user friendly color touch screen for operator interface
  • Allen Bradley PLC is standard
  • statistical process control
  • bar coding
  • custom racking and fixturing
  • in-house programming
  • modem diagnostics








  Construction and Maintenance Features Include:
  • welded stainless steel and/or sanitary plumbing
  • chemistry-appropriate tanks and plumbing  
  • chemistry metering systems
  • secondary containment 
  • pull and push-pull exhaust systems  
  • purified water systems
  • waste treatment systems           
  • maintenance friendly access
  • preventative maintenance programs
  • pull cord and push button emergency stops
  • hoist over-limit control
  • modem diagnostics

  Miraclean® Performs Process Development and Testing with a Complete Range of Process Chemistries.

automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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