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About Miraclean

       Precision Parts Processing Equipment and Chemistry


Miraclean® supplies                               

  • high performance ultrasonic cleaners,
  • ultrasonic cleaning equipment (tanks and multiple station lines) for parts cleaning and mold cleaning (manual or automated), 
  • parts washers with agitation and ultrasonics, 
  • automated titanium anodize lines including the small footprint Anodize Cube,
  • automated penetrant inspection lines,
  • corrosion inhibitors, 
  • pretreatment chemistries, 
  • and mass finishing compounds. 
Miraclean’s heavy-duty programmable hoists may be retrofitted over existing cleaning, plating, and passivating lines and are now offered in a space-saving streamlined version.                              



Miraclean® in the News


Introducing the Automated Titanium Anodize Cube


Equipment and chemistry, the whole package in automated titanium anodizing in a small, efficient footprint

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Introducing the SonicCell® Cube, "the best particle counts we've seen" (medical device engineer)




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New Power Green, Power Green HD, and Power Green Glass Cleaner,  green cleaners made with renewable resources




Introducing  Miraclean® SonicCell®, an automated, small footprint ultrasonic cleaning line available in three standard tank sizes


  Also available in fpi & passivation versions


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automated hoist


Ultrasonic Tank with Remote Generator       

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